FROM ASSEMBLY: Oppn creates ruckus over Kathua incident

FROM ASSEMBLY: Oppn creates ruckus over Kathua incident

Jammu: Chaotic scenes were witnessed on Tuesday in the assembly as Opposition created pandemonium and accused the government of not acting against the RSS men who had attacked Muslims in a Kathua village.
As soon as house started its proceedings, Opposition members stormed into the well of the House and demanded a discussion over the attack, which was disallowed by the Speaker.
Opposition sloganeering disrupted proceedings for half an hour and called the Speaker as “RSS man and a communal speaker”.
Congress legislator Asghar Karbalaie accused the government of shielding the culprits.
CPI (M) MLA MY Tarigami said, “We are not toys, we have been elected by people and we have every right to put our voice.”
He also asked the Speaker to recant his words blaming a Congress leader for chanting pro-Pakistan slogans. The speaker recanted.
Congress leader Nawang Rigzin Johra said people of ladakh do not need to take certificates of nationalism from BJP.
“We fought in Kargil  when you were working with RSS in Jammu.”
Engineer Rasheed said, “If people are being booked for stone pelting under PSA, then how RSS workers are firing openly on Muslims.’’
He called BJP and RSS biggest enemies of Kashmir and India.
NC legislator Akbar Lone said that despite government assurances, RSS men attacked Gujjars on Monday night again.
Vikar Rasool of Congress told the Speaker that “you proudly call yourself an RSS man” and “now you people have given clear direction to Sangh Parivaar to slaughter the Muslims in Jammu.”
He said when Bali Baghat was forest minister he started his “axe on Gujjars who have a right on forest land according to the law constituted by Parliament”.
“When Lal Singh came he further crushed them. Injustice has increased since Lal Singh became forest minister,” he said.
The Opposition demanded that SP and DC Kathua should be suspended for negligence in the handling of the sensitive issue.
The Opposition also demanded, once again, a judicial probe into killings and pellet blindings.
They said it was ironical that the same police force that is involved in killings would constitute the special investigation teams that would probe the killings. They demanded that a retired judge from the Supreme Court should hold the inquiry.
Lal Singh later told reporters that Kathua communal clash was actually an outcome of “rivalry between two families”.
He said someone had informed RSS men that a family had slaughtered a calf. The informant wanted to avenge the family over some old dispute.
“We have arrested the culprits, they are behind the bars,’’ he said.

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