2817 schools have no drinking water facility, 232 lack toilets, 3427 without building: Govt

SRINAGAR: As government boasts of having brought about im­provements in the educa­tion sector in the state, ba­sic amenities continue to elude several government schools with 2817 of them lacking facilities of drink­ing water while 232 have no toilets for the students.
Revealing the informa­tion in response to a ques­tion by a legislator in leg­islative assembly, state’s education minister Naeem Akhtar also revealed that 3427 schools—1052 in Jam­mu and 2375 in Kashmir—have no government build­ing while 11562 are without compound walling. Of the schools without drinking water facility, 308 belong to the Valley.
The state has 23684 schools including 3904 clubbed and 5292 private schools. In 2012, Supreme Court of India held that drinking water and toilets in educational institutes was an essential part of the right to education of chil­dren.
The minister also re­vealed there are no labo­ratories in as many 470 schools—272 in Jammu and 198 in Kashmir while 2014 schools (762 in Jammu and 1252 in Kashmir) are bereft of library. There are 12032 schools which lack play ground (5005 in Jammu and 7027 in Kashmir).
He said 245 schools—105 in Jammu and 140 in Kash­mir—are without principal or head master while 1257—1497 in Jammu and 2754 in Kashmir—are without sub­ject teachers. 476 schools, 207 in Jammu and 683 in Kashmir, have recorded less than 30% result, he said.
As on March 2015, the stae had 146 schools with­out zero enrolment and more than 3000 had enrol­ment of less than 15. “The department has focussed its attention on rationalisa­tion,” he said.
Replying to a query about the reason for non-payment to salaries to SSA teachers, the minister blamed less receipt of funds from the government of In­dia.
“Non-disbursement of salaries to the teaching staff under SSA is due to less receipt of funds by GoI against approved alloca­tion. The matter has been taken up with MHRD, GoI for early release of due instalments of funds are received to the tune of Rs 928 crore. As and when the funds are received, the outstanding salary to SSA teachers shall be released.”

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  1. Nasim ahmad   January 11, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    Shame on Naeem, oh sorry Doraemon ..pathetic. How can we grow


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