Winter classes: Students decry poor heating arrangements at Kashmir University

Winter classes: Students decry poor heating arrangements at Kashmir University
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By Insha Latief
SRINAGAR: The unusual activity at the Kashmir University campus during the chilly winter days has given a fresh reason for the students and academics to keep a date with studies and research. Every morning amid thick fog and cold conditions, students walk inside the campus to join their respective departments. The university has cancelled winter vacations due to the recent unrest in Kashmir to make up the incomplete syllabus of students.
Abida, a student of the commerce department hailed the decision of the KU to resume class work in winter. “There is heating facility in the classes. We have to attend the classes in cold weather otherwise our syllabus would remain undone,” she said.
Imran Ahmed, a history student said that commuting to University is not comfortable thing during the chilly weather “but we have to come for the sake of our career. “I have dressed up myself very well so that I can adjust with it. There is no other option now.”
Though classrooms are equipped with air-conditioners and other heating devices, still some students don’t consider it enough to tackle with the harsh winters.
Amir, another history department major said, “The idea is not going to work here in Kashmir. This is not a western country where administration spends money on the right things. We shiver in our classes. The heating gadget does not suffice for the entire classroom,” he lamented.
“Some students have to come from far flung areas and everyone can’t manage to live as a tenant in Srinagar. They should extend the number of classes for some days but winter vacations should be announced,” Rasikha, another student told Kashmir Reader.
Professor Nisar Ahmed Rather, Dean, faculty of Physical and Material Sciences said, “We have received order this time to continue classes. There is a proper heating arrangement in our classes. It is very difficult for students as well as for us but we have to do it. Other countries also conduct classes in harsh winters so why can’t we.”
Public Relations Officer Faheem Aslam said it was not for the first time that winter vacations were cancelled. “We have cancelled the winter vacations before also, like in 2014, in order to compensate the loss that students faced due to floods. This time we shall continue with classes till 28th of February. We want next academic session of university and colleges to be back on track,” he said.

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