SMHS doctors say many injured in eye by pellets will regain useful vision

SMHS doctors say many injured in eye by pellets will regain useful vision

SRINAGAR: Ophthalmologists at SMHS hospital in Srinagar have said that patients with pellet injuries in eye will not be able to regain eyesight completely, but due to the hard work of doctors many of them have regained useful vision.
The doctors said that many patients who had gone outside the state for treatment at hospitals such as LV Prasad Institute in Hyderabad and AIIMS at New Delhi have not seen any significant improvement in their condition.
“Adil and Danish, two patients who had bilateral pellet injuries (in both eyes) were treated at LV Prasad hospital but the result was nil. They came back to SMHS and we operated on them again, after which they have regained useful vision. Firdous, Zahid and Asif were treated at AIIMS but the result was again zero. They were operated on at our hospital and they have regained vision to some extent. This is due to the hard work, care and commitment of our doctors,” a senior ophthalmologist at the hospital said.
The doctors informed that patients with minor pellet injuries in the eye(s) have regained up to 50% eyesight. Patients whose retina or optic nerve was damaged by pellets have been rendered blind or have shown negligible improvement in their condition.
When asked about complaints that doctors were not providing patients their case file, the doctors said that they were keeping the medical reports within the department as many patients had become upset at seeing the reports and in some cases even physically attacked hospital staff.
“We are providing them case summary of their treatment when we issue them discharge certificates,” a doctor said.
Ophthalmologists added that there is no need for patients to go outside the state for treatment, as SMHS has the most advanced equipment and skilled doctors.
The doctors also informed that patients with pellet injuries in the eye are still coming to the hospital and the influx of such patients is quite high in comparison with that in the 2010 uprising.

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