We’ve always been peaceful, says Geelani

We’ve always been peaceful, says Geelani

Srinagar: Commenting on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that “Kashmiris want peace”, Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Monday said that he agrees with Modi that Kashmiris want peace, because Kashmiris have always been peaceful and are in most need of peace.
“When India got its independence from British rule, the entire  sub-continent was up in flames with killings, arson, rapes, death and destruction everywhere. But Kashmir in those tiring times also was calm, peaceful, maintaining and upholding the highest values of brotherhood and communal harmony,” Geelani said.
He said that Indian rulers who have deployed a million armed forces equipped with deadly armoury and legal shields in the Valley, their talk of peace may be a lip service to buy votes in the elections of some states.
“But for a nation drenched in blood and devastated by the iron fist of these occupiers, there is nothing to trust these words. Our fourth generation is living in the atmosphere of bloodshed, repression and political uncertainty,” he said.
He said that India is still stuck on the “false and baseless rhetoric of “Atoot Ang”.
Commenting on Modi’s challenge to Pakistan to fight against poverty, Geelani said that if Indian rulers are sincere in their words, they must shun the euphoria of “expansionism and war mongering” so that a large chunk of their defence budget is utilised for the eradication of poverty.
“The daily deployment of their troops in Jammu and Kashmir costs Indian exchequer very high. Above all, traitors of this nation and collaborators of Indian oppression need to be paid hefty sums to buy their loyalties,” he said.
Geelani said money has also to be spent by India to conceal its “war crimes”. “The recent example of which, according to media reports, is the father of an injured youth was was offered an attractive sum of Rs 10 lakh just to speak against Hurriyat. But reply of worthy father of this injured youth was a smack on the face of the political jobber. But some people are congenitally devoid of this less-found self esteem and they hardly are moved by any kind of emotions,” he said.
Geelani said that to weaken the ongoing uprising, Indian treasuries have been laid open.

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