Modi again: We trust our army, Uri attackers will be punished

Modi again: We trust our army, Uri attackers will be punished

New Delhi: Prime minister Narendra Modi likened the anger in India over Uri attack, in which four militants killed 18 soldiers, to that witnessed during the 1965 war with Pakistan, and reiterated that those responsible for the attack will be punished.
Addressing Kashmiris, he said “peace, unity and harmony” are the ways to resolve problems and expressed confidence that all issues can be addressed through discussions.
In his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ he paid tributes to the 18 soldiers who were killed in the attack on September 18.
“This cowardly act was enough to shake the entire country. There is mourning as well as anger in the country.”
He said, “This is a loss not only for those families which lost their sons, brothers, husbands. This loss is for the entire country. That is why, today I will say only this much, which I said on that day (of the incident) also and I will repeat it today, that the guilty will surely be punished.”
“They [Indian armymen] are the people who take bravery to its pinnacle so that 125 crore people can live a peaceful life,” he said. “We are proud of our army. People and politicians get opportunities to speak and that’s what they do. But the army does not speak. The army displays its bravery.”
In his 35-minute broadcast, the Prime Minister said he also wanted to “speak” to the people of Kashmir.
“The people of Kashmir have started to understand the anti-national forces clearly. And as the reality is dawning on them, they have started distancing themselves from such forces and have started walking on the path of peace,” he said.
He said it is the desire of all parents that schools and colleges in Kashmir started working properly and farmers there want that their produce should reach the markets of the country.
“Economic activity should take place properly. Since last few days, business activities have started,” he said.
“We all know that peace, unity and harmony are the ways to solve our problems and also to ensure our progress and development. For our future generations, we have to cross new heights of development,” the Prime Minister said.

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