Sharif presents record of Kashmir rights abuses to UN chief

Sharif presents record of Kashmir rights abuses to UN chief

Shows Ban Ki-moon pictures of the victims of government forces’ action during raging uprising
New York: Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif met UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon in New York and handed to him a dossier of “Indian state atrocities on the innocent Kashmiris”.
According to a PTV report, the prime minister showed to UN secretary general the pictures of the “innocent and defenseless” people of Kashmir who have been “victimised through brutal use of force and atrocities at the state level”.
“The UN secretary general expressed his shock while seeing the pictures of the victims of pellet guns being used by Indian occupying forces. The Prime Minister thanked UN Secretary General for his strong and supportive statements on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir,” the report said.
Sharif, it said, apprised the UN secretary general of the “gross” human rights violations being committed by India.
He told Ban that indiscriminate use of pellet guns, which have blinded hundreds including women and children, “is reflective of the inhuman and barbaric mindset of the Indian government forces”.
The prime minister apprised Ban KI Moon of the plight of the Kashmiri people.
He has also addressed letters to the leadership of p-5 member states as well as the UN Secretary General to draw attention of the international community to the Kashmir situation and to call upon India to immediately end violence in the valley.
He reiterated the imperative of an independent enquiry into the extrajudicial killings and a UN fact finding mission to investigate the situation in Kashmir.
Sharif emphasized that India must be urged to abide by UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir.
“The UN Secretary General praised Pakistan for its prominent and active role in the United Nations and its contribution for peace and security in the world,” the report said.

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