India violating UN charter by not implementing its Kashmir resolutions: Bar

India violating UN charter by not implementing its Kashmir resolutions: Bar

‘HC dismissed petition for ban on pellet guns on grounds which are not tenable in law’
SRINAGAR:  “India has played a fraud with the people of Kashmir by not implementing the UN resolutions and it has violated the UN Charter and the objective for which the world body was established,” Kashmir High Court Bar Association told a visiting civil society team headed by a former Acting Chief Justice of Odisha high court. .
The Executive Committee members of the lawyers’ body met the group of Indian Muslim Civil Society members comprising Dr. Justice I.M. Quddusi, former Acting Chief Justice, Odisha High Court, Shahid Sidiqui, Editor-in-Chief Nai Duniya Weekly, Qamar Agha, an independent Journalist and Dr. M. J. Khan, Chairman Indian Council of Food and Agriculture here.
The lawyers apprised them about the happenings in Kashmir and told them about the genesis of the Kashmir problem. They were also acquainted about the promises made by first Prime Minister of Indian Jawahar Lal Nehru in terms of his various communications addressed by him to Attlee, Britain Prime Minister on 26.10.1947 and to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaqat Ali Khan on 27.10.21947, 31.10.1947, 04.11.1947, 08.11.1947, 13.11.1947, 21.11.1947 and12.12.1947, assuring that India is committed to hold plebiscite J&K.
“It was a promise not only made to the people of Kashmir, but also to the entire world including Pakistan.”
The lawyers body also apprised visiting civil society members about the resolutions passed by the Security Council on 21.04.1948, 03.06.1948, 14.03.1950, 30.03.1951 and 24.01.1957 and also the resolutions of UNCIP dated 13.08.1948 and 05.01.1949, promising plebiscite in the State.
The lawyers’ body also informed the visiting Civil Society members that they had filed a petition in the High Court two months back for stopping the use of pellets and for prosecuting those who are responsible for killing, maiming and blinding the Kashmiri people.
“The petition has been dismissed by the High Court on grounds, which are not tenable in law and that also at a time when the UNGA is debating and discussing the Kashmir issue at its forum,” reads a statement by the lawyers’ body.  When the Indian Civil Society members asked the Bar Association as to what was the solution to the Kashmir problem, lawyers told them that India should accept the ground reality in Kashmir and besides declaring that Kashmir is a dispute, should also take steps for its demilitarization, so as to facilitate holding of a plebiscite in the State.
The Civil society members informed the Bar members that they had requested the state authorities to allow them to meet chairman of Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani, so as to know from him about the situation in Kashmir, but they were not allowed to meet him, for reasons not disclosed to them.
The Bar members also told the civil society members that Kashmiri Muslims also feel hurt when any Indian Muslim is harmed but they (Kashmiri Muslims) cannot be held hostage for Indian Muslims and cannot be denied the right of self-determination on the ground that there are 20 crore Muslims living in India.
“The Civil Society members assured the Bar Association that they will plead the case of the Kashmiri Muslims in all the forums and quarters and will apprise the people of India about the sufferings and miseries of the people of Kashmir and of the reign of terror let loose on them by the ruthless forces in correct perspective,” the statement added.

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