Govt converted Eid into event of mourning: KEA

Govt converted Eid into event of mourning: KEA

Srinagar: Chairman of the Kashmir Economic Alliance, Haji Mr Muhammad Yasin Khan has condemned the killing of six civilians since the day of Eid-ul-Azha, and said that the government converted the Muslim festival into an event of mourning.
Khan, who also heads the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation, said New Delhi and the PDP-led state government failed to display any secular or humanitarian face even during Eid-ul-Azha.
“On the day when Muslims otherwise celebrate the day and offer sacrifice of animals, Kashmir was put under worst-ever curfew while broadband, which was the last hope for internet connectivity, was banned to keep the outside world unaware of the atrocities being unleashed on the helpless people. This was done out of the design by the government, whereas many ministers and other VIPs in this government preferred to celebrate Eid outside Kashmir,” Khan said.
He said there was mourning across Kashmir on Eid but the mourners were not given chance to mourn due to stringent curfew. “This year, amid so many killings, Eid was not supposed to be about celebrations but at least to uphold the Islamic tradition of Qurbani. But unfortunately, neither Qurbani was allowed nor mourning was allowed by government forces,” Khan said.
Condemning the arrest of human rights activist Khurram Parvez, Khan said that the government has crossed all limits of atrocities.
He termed the frequent ban on broadband internet in Kashmir a conspiracy to benefit a business lobby in Jammu at the cost of Kashmir. “When internet is banned in Kashmir our people get dependant on Jammu even to get email checked or to book a ticket or to get an appointment with a doctor. This is their plot to deprive Kashmir of any business,” Khan said.
The KEA hailed senior PDP politician Tariq Hameed Karra for quitting the party and his seat in the Parliament. “Taking such a step needs courage, which he has shown,” Khan said, adding, “This historic resignation is the genesis of a new rebellion.”

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