Restore telecommunication: Kashmiri students in Dhaka appeal

Restore telecommunication: Kashmiri students in Dhaka appeal

SRINAGAR: Kashmiri students steadying in International Medical College at Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Friday appealed the government to restore phone services in Kashmir so that they could contact their families.
“With humble and paramount regards, I would like to drive the attention of the authorities…towards the fact that we the students here in Dhaka are pretty worried about our belongings and parents in the Valley. We are unable to contact our family since 9th August and most of us are running out of Taka.
“It’s pretty unfortunate that even incoming call facilities have been blocked. If they don’t want to do anything with the unbearable loss of lives and the conditions there, at least restore the incoming call facilities so that we could make some talks to our dears,” students messaged to Kashmir Reader.

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One Response to "Restore telecommunication: Kashmiri students in Dhaka appeal"

  1. Asleah   August 20, 2016 at 7:14 am

    Pls restore incoming call facilities


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