Civil Society holds candle vigil against HR violations

Civil Society holds candle vigil against HR violations

Civil Society holds candleSrinagar: Jammu Kashmir Civil Society (JKCS) held a candle light protest at Press Enclave, Srinagar against the continued human rights violations in Kashmir valley.
The members of the civil society lit candles just before dusk, highlighting the “grave” situation prevalent in valley.
Carrying placards which read “Resolve Kashmir Issue” “stop blinding our youth” “down with state terrorism” etc, the protestors raised pro-freedom and anti-India slogans.
As members of JKCS started the protest, the police team led by SHO Kothi Bagh asked them to stop and tried to arrest  a member  of the group. However other members of the JKCS resisted the move.
A member of the group expressed anguish over the behavior of   Police and said, “We are here to protest peacefully, we are not carrying any weapons.  Despite that police is not allowing us to protest, which is clearly against our basic rights.”
Dr. Altaf, member of Civil Society speaking on the occasion said that 55 innocent youth were done to death and more than 5000 people injured most of who may end up crippled and maimed for their rest of their lives.
He also raised concerns over the continuous maiming and blinding of youth by government forces. “It is agonising to see young children being blinded, four year old Zohra  and 13 year old Insha  have been shot at  by pellets. What kind of charges could be leveled against such kids,” asked Dr. Altaf.
“They do not let us even mourn the death of our boys. It is the worst sort of state terrorism,” he added.
Professor Hameeda Nayeem while protesting the killings said, “No Standard Operational Procedures are being followed by the police. Government forces have been directed to fire above the waist. We are treated as enemies and not their own as claimed by central and state government.  We are not even given the freedom to protest and mourn the dead ones.”
Prominent members from Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA), Bar Association and members from Sopore Civil Society also took part in the protest.

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