Hemophiliacs to move court if drugs not supplied by today

Hemophiliacs to move court if drugs not supplied by today

Srinagar: The Hemophilia Society is going to move court against the Jammu and Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation Limited (JKMSCL) if quality medicines were not made available to them at the Hemophilia Day Care Centre of the SMHS Hospital by Friday.
About 270 hemophilia patients have been suffering for the past two-and-a-half months because of the shortage of factors, while emergency cases of profuse bleeding in the hemophiliacs are being reported at the SMHS Hospital almost daily.
“If they didn’t provide us quality factors by tomorrow, we would move court,” Adil, president of the Hemophilia Society, told Kashmir Reader on Thursday.
The corporation, which has started purchasing medicines for the hospitals, is not providing the certificate of quality to hemophilia drugs to be kept available at the hospital. And the patients are reluctant to take the drugs that do not carry the stamp of quality.
The tussle over quality is result of the complications caused in the patients by the drugs supplied to them by the corporation in February. The drugs were products of two Indian pharmaceutical giants.
Amidst the tussle, the unavailability of the factors is making the hemophiliacs suffer.
“I had my gum bleeding for the past three days. I needed an injection of Factor 8, but it was not available. Consequently, my gum has been bleeding profusely. I was not able to even talk,” Adil said.

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