Kashmiri students decline request for support

Kashmiri students decline request for support

SRINAGAR: The Kashmiri students at National Institute of Technology here have declined their non-local counterpart’s request for support to the latter’s demands.

The non-Kashmir students on Thursday put their demands before the two member Human Resource Development team appointed by New Delhi.
A Kashmiri student, who was approached by a group of non-Kashmir students for the support, told Kashmir Reader that they refused to support the demands.
“Similar pleas were made to my other Kashmiri friends, but we all have refused to support the demands,” the student said. “The reason is that their agenda seems to be dictated from elsewhere. First, they demanded one thing, and then than moved to something else. I fail to understand what they are up to. If the issue is academic harassment, the protests should have been started long ago.”

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