HRD officials visit: Local students forced out of meeting

HRD officials visit: Local students forced out of meeting

SRINAGAR: A group of Kashmiri students were forcibly removed by paramilitary troopers from a meeting between non-Kashmiri students and a two-member delegation of the government of India’s human resources ministry on Wednesday.
The delegation was on a fact-finding mission at the NIT and met non-Kashmiri students at a hall.
“About 20 minutes into the meeting, non-Kashmiri students whistled and hooted. They demanded that we should leave the meeting. Once we resisted, paramilitary forces intervened and we had no option but to leave the meeting,” a Kashmiri student wishing anonymity told Kashmir Reader.
“During the meeting non-Kashmiri students were demanding shifting of the NIT outside the state and a girl alleged that she had received rape and molestation threats from Kashmiri students. A member of the delegation advised her not to pay heed to such threats,” the student said.
The non-Kashmiri students had later submitted a memorandum to the MHRD team demanding shifting of the institute for non-locals to some other place in India, hoisting of the Indian tricolor at the main entrance along with the state flag, permanent security from outsiders/locals “who throw stones at college students”, and “equality and transparency during examinations, events and activities” and no “academic harassment by the faculty”.
Also, they have demanded that action must be taken against faculty and administration members “involved in anti-national activities” and violence.

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  1. Shafat   April 8, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    This is like rubbing salt into the wound. This needs to be escalated at every level. We are being humiliated in our own homes. Enough of this stupidity!!!!!


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