‘GoI needs to do more than police advisory’

‘GoI needs to do more than police advisory’

SRINAGAR: Condemning the harassment of students and tenants from Jammu and Kashmir in Mohali, National Conference on Monday said that the government of India needs to do more than just issuing a police advisory.
In a statement issued here, NC termed the incident as a reminder of how residents from the state were facing the “brunt of ethnic and communal profiling and targeted assaults” in India.
“This is becoming an alarming trend. Our students are now suddenly very apprehensive about venturing out for their studies. Businessmen have concerns about their establishments outside the state and Kashmiri tenants are facing discrimination,” it said and stressed upon the need for New Delhi to do more than a police advisory and understand that “such polarisation and communal violence could be a result of a failure to prosecute hate-mongers and divisive elements that continue to spew venom against the very principles of our constitution.”
The party asked Punjab government to arrest those involved in the incident without any delay and with zero tolerance for communal violence of any sort.
“We hope the culprits are apprehended and more importantly a sense of security is restored among those who were at the receiving end of this harassment. We are in touch with students from J&K who have been harassed and unfairly targeted at various universities in different States and have assured them our support,” it said.
“It started in Delhi and then incidents were reported from Kolkata, Rajasthan and then the chief minister of Goa spoke about profiling ‘J&K individuals’ through the state’s Anti-terrorism squads and incidentally these remarks were made on the floor of the Goa Assembly. Goa has a significant number of businessmen from Kashmir who have their establishments there.”
A continued silence and a reluctance to reassure residents and students from the state, NC said, has resulted in an atmosphere of apprehensiveness and anxiety both within the State and among students from the State studying outside.
In a recent incident, three students were allegedly abused and beaten up in Mohali on the night of March 15 after being labelled as “militants.”

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