Police control room to check veracity of cases

Police control room to check veracity of cases

Srinagar/Jammu: To stem any adverse fallout of media reports about Kashmiri students being allegedly harassed in other parts of India, the Jammu and Kashmir police have set up a control room where people can check on the veracity of such incidents.
As the news of four Kashmiri students having been beaten up at a private university in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh district over cooking beef spread, social networking sites saw a sudden spurt in posts of exaggerated versions of the incidents leading to tension in the Valley.
The students were arrested and released after furnishing personal bonds of Rs 25,000 each, according to a Jaipur report on Thursday. “I have taken up the issue with my counterpart in Rajasthan and he has assured me that none of the Kashmiri students would be subjected harassment,” Director General of state Police K Rajendra Kumar said here.
In his appeal to people, especially the student community, he asked them not to pay any heed to the rumours being circulated on the social media and be alert to the “sinister” designs of rumour mongers.
He also asked the people, particularly the youth, to desist from posting “mischievous and unverified” content on the social media it had the potential of creating “unnecessary tension” among the parents about the well being of their children studying outside state.
“Spreading such rumours is highly objectionable and warrants action under law,” he said.
The Police chief asked people not to fall for rumours and verify such incidents from police help-line numbers 0194 -2506504 and 0194-2506508 in Srinagar besides mobile number 9858000333. The Jammu helpline numbers are: 0191-2542000; 0191-2542001, 0191-2560401 and mobile number 9419255283. There was tension in the Valley following reports that Kashmiri students of a private university in Chittorgarh in Rajasthan were manhandled by some others students and locals over rumours that they cooked beef, though police said the meat prima facie did not look of cow.

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