Zakaat and Ramadan

Allah the almighty has stressed the need for upholding the institution of Zakaat repeatedly.  In fact, wherever Quran has made a mention of the Salaat there is a mention of Zakaat as well. This speaks volumes about the importance of Zakaat. On first Ramadan, in the second month of Hijra, Zakaat was made obligatory on […]

Importance of Sunnah

The Quran was revealed in the Holy Month of Ramadan.  And the Quran has repeatedly directed Muslims to follow the most revered Prophet (SAW).  This speaks volumes about the importance of Sunnah. The holy month of Ramadan, therefore, is the best time to start following the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). This is where the […]

Purpose of Ramadhan

Fasting is more than just abstaining from food. The purpose of Ramadhan is introspection, self-restraint and moving towards righteousness.  “O ye who believe, fasting has been made obligatory for you in the same way as it was made obligatory for Ummah before you so that you become righteous,” Al Baqra. Fasting teaches self-restraint, makes the […]

Welcome Ramadhan

The Holy month of Ramadhan is about to commence. Muslims shall get yet another chance for self-introspection and to learn how to live with life. The holy month brings with it so many bounties and rewards for the Muslims. Muslims, therefore, must welcome this month. They should not raise their brows or express displeasure on […]