Wailing over dead

Every person has to taste death some day or the other. Death keeps a perfect calendar and is never untimely. It comes at the appropriate time and at the place specified by Allah the most exalted. Nobody can escape death. This is why some people say death is the greatest reality of life.  When a […]

Firm faith in Allah

In the pre Islamic world most of the people had superstitious beliefs. They would wait for years together for a so-called auspicious moment to start a new venture. They would commence a journey on a particular day, and so on. The most revered Prophet (SAW) came to rid people of superstitions, to teach them Allah […]

Gift from Mairaj

Aghar Yak Sare Mooy-e-Bar Tar Param Firogh-e-Tajalla Basozad Param “My limits end here. If I go beyond this point I shall burn my wings. You will have to go all alone.” This is what Gabriel (AS) told the most revered Prophet (SAW) at Sidratul Mintaha during the night of Mairaj. An angel made up of […]

Climate of impunity

Dear Editor The killing of more than 40 Ismaili Shi’a Muslims in Karachi marks a new low in a campaign of sectarian violence that has left Pakistan’s religious minorities fearing for their lives while extremists in the country operate with impunity. The attack on a bus carrying the Ismailis, claimed by the Jundullah group, highlights […]

Boycott them

Not only in pre-Islamic Arabia, female infanticide was in vogue in many countries like Latin America, Europe and even in India. However, when Allah the most exalted sent down His last Messenger (SAW) the world changed. Kashmir converted to Islam six hundred years ago but nothing seems to have changed.  Not only female infanticide, bride […]

Which clothes to wear?

A human being has to wear clothes necessarily for a variety of reasons. For men, concealing the parts of body starting from abdomen upto knees is obligatory. Covering other parts of the body is a Sunnah. The women, however, have to cover their body from head to toe necessarily. The clothes enhance one’s personality and […]