Islam and  superstitions

In pre-Islamic world most of the people were superstitious. They would wait for years together for a so-called auspicious moment to start a new venture. They would commence a journey on a particular day and so on. Allah the most gracious sent His most revered Prophet (SAW). He came to rid people of superstitions, to […]

Etiquette of wearing shoes, socks

Abu Huraira (RA) quoting the Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “If one of you puts on shoes, let him begin with the right. And when he takes them off let him begin with the left. And let him take them both off or leave them both on.” Al Bukhari Book 2, Volume 72, Hadith 747. Abu […]

Killing Kashmiris

Dear editor The only product that is available with uninterrupted supply in Kashmir is a “martyr”. There were glut of martyrs during the repressive Dogra rule and it continues to be so after the dubious accession of the state with the republic of India. The supply of martyrs in Kashmir is unconditional. No matter who […]

Check impotency and infertility before marriage 

Marriage is an important institution and must be taken seriously. A number of evils have crept into this important institution. However, much has been said and written on the evils, which have been eating into the vitals of the society. But the problem, which has resulted in dissolution of hundreds of marriages and reduced the […]

Seeking pardon

“The Hour/Qiyamat will not come until the sunrises from the West. When people will see it, then those who are on the earth will become Muslims but that is the time when acceptance of Islam will not profit them. For, by then the door of Taubah (seeking pardon) will have been already closed down on […]