Profession in Crisis

Dear Editor On January 25, I participated in a function in which the role of teachers was discussed. During the daylong function I came across various views on the role, responsibility and the failure of teachers in building the societal values. The organisers had organised the programme with a purpose to search the causes of […]

How to perform Wudhu

Before offering prayers, a Muslim has to undergo a purification process called wudhu (ablution).  It starts with declaring the intention. Then one has to say Bismillah  (In the name of Allah) and wash both the hands up to wrists. The right hand must be cleaned first. One must rub fingers to ensure total cleanliness. Also […]

Supplicate well

Supplication is the art of invoking the blessings of Allah the almighty. Very few people know how to supplicate and when their supplication is not granted they lose heart and sometimes utter such words, which are enough to relieve them off from their faith. Therefore, it is essential for the people to learn the art […]

Keep your head high

Dear Editor Indian Muslims are at crossroads these days politically. On one side the Hindutva brigade under the banner of BJP is crossing one milestone after another. While as on the other side those “secular” forces on whom Muslims had been relying are being defeated (nay devastated) by the BJP ‘tsunami’. Muslim organisations are in […]

How to clip nails?

The Holy Prophet (SAW) urged the Muslims to clip their nails at regular intervals. Abu Hurayra (RA) reported that the glorious Prophet (SAW) said: “Five things are from the traditions of the Prophets of the old: circumcision, removing the hair below the navel, trimming the moustaches, cutting the nails and removing the hair from armpit.” […]

CUK has no permanent campus

Dear Editor Despite more than five years Central University-Kashmir is still functioning from rented buildings. I ask the administration, what is the reason for not starting the construction work on the proposed land for CUK at Ganderbal. If the university was established in 2009, why is it still without a permanent campus? Why has it […]

Resolve religious conflict peacefully

Dear Editor The reaction that Islamic extremities had given to Charlie Hebdo magazine is iniquitous and reprehensive. This will aggravate the situation and deepen the gulf between Islam and rest of the world. Apparently, the world is slowly moving toward a nasty situation of hostilities between religions. This incident is the strife between Western sanctimoniousness […]

Sit properly

Even the minutest details ranging from a visit to toilet have been discussed and made clear in Islam. The most revered Prophet (SAW) took pains to ensure that the Muslims learn the art of living a disciplined, decent and pious life. Other than prayers, fasting, zakaat, Hajj the etiquettes also become an act of worship […]

Why NC lost?

Dear Editor The voters of the state have given edge to Peoples Democratic Party while National Conference has been given time to go for a reformation. For political survival NC has to do a lot of homework with realistic approach if it wants to be a force in the next state Assembly elections.  For most […]

Having faith in Holy Prophet (SAW)

The birthday of the most revered Prophet (SAW) is celebrated with religious fervour across the globe on 12th Rabiaul Awal. Muslims celebrate the event with enthusiasm to express their love for the Rehmatun-lil-Aalameen (SAW). The love of the most revered Prophet (SAW) is an essential ingredient of faith. Abu Huraira (RA) quotes the most revered […]