How to talk?

Notwithstanding the importance of the spoken word, very few people are acquainted with the art of conversation. In order to make an impression, people use such words which the listeners find too difficult to comprehend, thereby defeating the very purpose of conversation. The speaker has to bear in mind that the listeners (at times) may […]

Eating in Islam

A country lost its ruler in an accident. The ruler had no successor and nobody with sufficient qualification was around. The appointment was deferred by several days. Finally an elderly person told the concerned to arrange a feast and invite people. “One who eats properly shall rule the country,” he said. The feast was arranged […]

An open letter to Director School Education Kashmir

Dear Mir Tariq Ali, With humble submission, I hereby want to bring to your kind notice that when the rain that later on devastated Kashmir started falling on September 03, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Mr. Rohit Kansal ordered the closure of all the schools in the valley. The decision made by him later on saved the […]

Welcoming a Haji

Hajj pilgrims have started arriving from Harmain Shareefain. Before stepping into his home, a Haji (male) must go to his local mosque and offer a two-rak’at namaaz. This, however, is not for Hajis alone. The most revered Prophet (SAW) and his pious companions (RA) would do this when arriving in Madinah. So, whenever a person […]

Offering Sacrifice

When Allah the Most Exalted decided to create the ashraf-ul-makhlookat (the noblest of creation), the angels were skeptical.  “He will not live peacefully,” they said. But Allah replied: “I know what you know not.” Man came into being. Although he proved his worth by answering various questions put to him, Allah chose to justify his […]

Rights of Parents 

The most revered Prophet (SAW) has repeatedly urged believers to treat their parents well. In fact, treating parents well is one of the most important requirements of faith. A believer cannot achieve ultimate salvation if he misbehaves with his parents. As has been said, jannah (paradise) lies beneath the feet of the mother. “I pity a person who saw […]