Wailing over the Dead

Religion’s Mosaic Every person has to taste death some day or the other. Death keeps a perfect calendar and is never untimely. It comes at the appropriate time and at the place specified by Allah the most exalted. Nobody can escape death. This is why some people say death is the greatest reality of life. […]

Should Stars match?

Marriage is an important institution and the most revered Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has repeatedly warned Muslims against polluting it by inventing vices or resorting to pomp and show.  Marriage in Islam is both a sacrament and a civil contract. The parties (including the bride) can put forth their own terms and conditions provided such conditions […]

Clothes we Wear

A human being has to wear clothes necessarily for a variety of reasons. In Islam, concealing the parts of body starting from abdomen upto knees is obligatoryfor men. Covering other parts of the body is Sunnah. The women, however, have to cover their body from head to toe necessarily. The clothes enhance one’s personality and […]

How to Travel

Every person has his own style of travelling. However, a Muslim has been directed to take several measures before starting the journey to save himself from the wrath of Allah-the most exalted on the day of judgement. Before undertaking a journey, a person must return the things that have been entrusted to him by various […]

Keep the Ramadan Spirit Alive

The holy month of Ramadan has ended. The number of Muslims who visited the mosques in huge numbers during the holy month has started diminishing.  This is highly unfortunate. The holy month is a training period in which a Muslim learns how to spend the rest of the year. Ironically, as soon as the month […]