Don’t discourage ‘Ramadan Nimazees’

Most of the Muslims offer Salaat during the holy month of Ramadan. For eleven months the mosques remain deserted. In the holy month of Ramadan people suddenly start going to the mosques. It conveys a message. The Muslims are not totally dead. They still believe in Allah, His Prophet (SAW), the Book and the day […]

Bravo Zahir

Dear Editor, As usual, Zahir-ud-Din has again highlighted the finer, and instructive, details of our history with characteristic flair by committing this beautiful piece (From Mookerjee to 1975 Accord, Kashmir Reader, June 24) to the reading public. It has set a challenge for the National Conference, the Abdullahs in particular, and should awaken a sense […]

Well Done Vigilance

 Dear Editor, This is in reference to the Kashmir Reader news report SVO books 4 officials for embezzlement… A commendable job by the VOK (Vigilance Organisation) by acting with transparency to expose corrupt elements in the government who loot the state exchequer to amass personal wealth. The canker of corruption can be rooted out of public life and […]

Welcome Ramadhan

The Holy month of Ramadhan is about to commence. Muslims shall get yet another chance to go for self-introspection and to learn how to live with life. The holy month brings with it so many bounties and rewards for the Muslims. The Muslims, therefore, must welcome this month. They should not raise their brows or […]

Welcome Step

The inclusion of Parvez Rasool in the playing eleven of Indian cricket team is a welcome step. He represented the aspirations of lakhs of Kashmiris at the highest level which is a moment of pride for us. The decision to play Parvez in the opening one-day International against Bangladesh will motivate many aspiring and cricketers […]


This refers to the statement by India’s Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate change, Prakash Javadekar,that his ministry is planning to finalize a policy which would enable states to clear defence projects falling within 100 km of Line of Actual Control (LAC) without approaching the Centre for environment clearances. The LAC with China is spread […]

All about clothing

A human being has to wear clothes necessarily for a variety of reasons.  For men, concealing the parts of body starting from abdomen upto knees is obligatory. Covering other parts of the body is Sunnah. The women, however, have to cover their body from head to toe necessarily. The clothes enhance one’s personality and also prevent […]


The recent revelations of sexual harassment allegations against some high and mighty of the state make every Kashmiri bury his head in shame and shock. The once ‘not socially, ethically and morally acceptable’ have become the order of the day. Lately we saw some cases which have put a huge question mark on the safety […]

The art of conversation

Notwithstanding the importance of the spoken word, very few people are acquainted with the art of conversation. In order to make an impression, people use such words which the listeners find too difficult to comprehend thereby defeating the very purpose of conversation. The speaker has to bear in mind that the listeners (at times) may […]